children's book, children book, christmas book, christmas story3-coach2-300x2401-150x150Do you literally cringe when you hear these words? “Can I ask you for a favor?” Most people look the other way, pretend they didn’t hear the question – just about anything to duck out from answering the question. Most people don’t mind doing a favor for another person. It is easy to say yes if the person asking wants a ride to the airport and its less than thirty minutes away,  if they want you to collect their mail,  or water their plants while they are away. Its the big favor that people find difficult to say no and then regret it. What is worse is that they feel guilty saying no when in reality the person asking the big favor shouldn’t have asked in the first place. It starts off slowly with something simple, but then when the questions turn into; “Can you lend me money?” or “Will you watch my ninety pound German Shepard?’ and then never return for the dog. I actually know someone who took in a dog for a Marine who ended up being deployed to Iraq. Sadly, he was gone so long that when he returned and tried to reclaim the dog, the Shepard wanted nothing to do with him. The dog became attached to the babysitting family and now its their dog for good! The residents in Pecos depended upon each other so there was less of the asking for a favor. Sheriff Gus did ask Fred Band, the husband of Mary from Mary’s Cafe’ and Ray the Blacksmith to take care of Pecos when he had to travel to visit the surrounding families. When you think about it that was really a big favor. However, the towns folks didn’t look at it that way. It was more like people looking out for other people without the favor request. When you think about giving examples to the children in your life about  cooperating with each other, please view the Good Gus Series. All the stories show the value of friendship and people helping each other.