12-BOB2-300x2401-150x150Whatever goes on finger pointing occurs if someone needs to be blamed. I have watched the discussions regarding the failing of the Greece  government and their need for additional money. Sadly there is more finger pointing than resolution. We probably all know someone whose whole life revolves around finger pointing. They never do anything wrong and if caught the finger pointing comes into play and you or someone else is to blame. I have seen people say and do things completely inappropriate to others and yet when they were called on what they said or did, their denial pops up instantly as well as the finger pointing. I know a person who is never at fault at anything. He blames everything including weather, traffic, other people, the internet, his parents, and just about anything else you could imagine. I have seen his family politely tell him that he did a certain thing, said something and even presented with recorded messages and he still denies it and then starts with the finger pointing. Children do it as they don’t want to be in trouble. Once we teach them to take responsibility for their actions, most stop. I have seen adults in the work place utilize finger pointing if their project is wrong or rejected, if they didn’t finish their work on time, or even if they were late. I would think that their fingers would get tired. It is unnecessary and the majority of people see right through the finger pointing and all the blame.  Adults who practice  finger pointing, in my opinion, have a huge ego and believe they are always right and everyone else is wrong. You cannot deal with those types of individuals on any kind of rational basis.  In the Good Gus Series there is no finger pointing.  Everyone is expected to accept responsibility for their actions.  The books provide positive reinforcement for good family values.  Please remember to vote for me on the Chase Bank

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