3-coach2-300x2401-150x150How many times in your life have your heard the words, “finish it?” From the time we were little and on into adulthood, we have heard people say just finish it. Many times we can’t finish something and we have to just walk away or let it go. When I was young I was forced to eat left overs that were reheated four to five times. I literally sat at the table and was told to “finish it” or else. Mostly the or else was punishment such as no playing with my friends, missing a special television show, or grounding for unbelievably long times such as weeks. As a result, today I dislike leftovers. Although if I have some, I will re-purpose them to make them taste better than they did the first time. Many times at work people are told to just finish a project even though its too large for one person, too complicated and they need help, or the great week-end they planned went out the window as the superior or boss didn’t want to do the work. When we teach our children lessons, we try to make them finish whatever they have started. Its not always easy. Early on, however, as parents or guardians, we learned that there were some things they needed our help with as they didn’t have the skills, didn’t understand it or just plain hated it. Its important that all children learn to follow through and that if they cannot complete a task, that they admit it and learn from it. In the Good Gus Series, the children are taught to finish their chores before they can go out and play. Its stressed in many of the stories. Now that November is almost over, please take a look at the Good Gus website and hopefully a book or two will help you finish your gift list.