forget itgodfatherWe all forget things. Older people sometimes forget more than younger people. When an older person becomes forgetful, people automatically assume that they have either Alzheimer’s or dementia. Frequently, they are simply stressed as they are no longer working and spend a great deal of time worrying about money among other things. Children love using the excuse when you ask them about something they were supposed to do or where their report card is by saying, “I forgot.” Its a common phrase but annoying as you know they did not forget. They didn’t want to do what you asked or think you will be upset by their report card. Teenagers use that phrase all the time as it is so much easier than trying to come up with a reason for whatever you have requested from them. They tend to continue using those words as they mature if they find they can get away with being lazy and the “I forget” phrase works. As parents, sometimes we are tired and just plain worn out and occasionally we let a few things slip. We end up doing it ourselves as the children and or teenagers make it so difficult and whine and complain so much is just easier. In the long run, of course, its not. In the workplace is where you find that phrase really annoying. As this trait if carried forward into adulthood, ends up causing the other co-workers to do double and even triple work. Its an extreme lack of consideration. As people mature, they learn from their mistakes. Just because you could get away with it when you were younger, doesn’t mean you should do it to others when you are an adult. There are also issues in the workplace when working with closet alcoholics.  They don’t seem to remember anything.  What is worse is that if they are the boss and you submit your finished project, they either don’t remember you giving it to them, can’t find it or  can’t be bother to verify that this is what they requested.  Then someone else, possibly a co-worker who doesn’t like you, judges your performance harshly and you end up  working in an uncomfortable work environment.  They also tend to get angry when they feel you didn’t perform and even lose their tempers.   In the movie series, “The Godfather” one of their favorite phrases is “Forget about it.”  People should take that to heart when they use the phrase, “I forgot” and do whatever was asked of them.  In the Good Gus Series, the children forget about many things particularly when their parent or parents tell them not to do something.  In the series, though, there are consequences for their actions.