Freedom comes with a price. It seems lately that personal freedom is being tested on a variety of levels. There have been repeated articles about vaccinations for children. There are parents arguing that all vaccines are bad, others saying all are good, and still a third group liking certain ones and disagreeing about the remaining vaccines. When I was young, we had them all and as new ones were developed, I was stabbed with them as well. The pros are saying that it saves lives. The cons are saying that the vaccines may kill their child. Then there are the innocent children who catch a sickness and die. Where is the answer for their parents? I just saw an article about the whooping cough vaccine. A woman had changed her mind and was finally going to allow her children to have it when all seven came down with whooping cough. I know two girls that do a show on Wednesday evenings I believe on Google. It is not my type of show, but it seems to be gaining in popularity. There are only the two girls in the show and its on I believe for at least one hour or longer. One of the girls works at a convenience type store just outside of Nashville, Tennessee called Twice Daily. One of her co-workers, who obviously doesn’t like her or want her to succeed, informed the manager about her show. The manager checked it out and told the girl that if the show was on tonight, she was fired. First of all, she doesn’t work Wednesday evenings or any other evening for that matter. Second, what she does on her own time is none of his business. He is infringing on her rights as an individual and by his threat he is actually bullying her. Everyone has the right to try to change their lives and better their circumstances. He has infringed on her personal freedom and by threatening her livelihood, its even worse. Freedom in the workplace is apparently no longer available to people. What could she do? She needs the income and so they didn’t do the show tonight. I wonder what will happen next week? If you live in the greater Nashville area and object to this type of behavior, please let the people at Twice Daily know how you feel.