arrow-pointing-two-directions-400x400296044_490238270987734_25261447_n Every once in a while we all need a fresh start. It doesn’t even matter about age either. Sometimes life throws so many curve balls, that you just need a fresh start. For some people , a fresh start is needed to move on from divorce, the passing of a partner or a close relative including a child. The loss of a child has caused many couples to divorce for a variety of reasons. Making a fresh start possibly in a new city is one of the ways that people start over. They also make a fresh start by obtaining a new job in a new location. Anything that helps remove some of the haunting daily memories. With divorce, friends take sides and it makes it worse to see them on occasion or not be invited to special events. Making a fresh start in a new city is not easy. When you start over, after obtaining a new job, you then cope, if you have children, with registering them in school, and finding after school activities. Many schools provide after school care and programs which help working parents. Making new friends can be easy or difficult depending upon where you move and if you have the free time to socialize. There are individuals who work different hours and require extra assistance in making a fresh start. For some people, it’s easier to move where there is family support from parents, siblings, etc. In the TV show, “The Little Couple,” her parents moved to Houston, Texas to assist Jen and Bill during their adoption of two gorgeous children. Now, the parents are returning to Florida as the children are healthy, well adjusted and starting school. They also have many friends in Florida and as they are retirement age, their leisure time will be more enjoyable. Of course, they will miss their grandchildren but as all the commercials say, “It is their time.” Of the many times I have made a fresh start in a new city for a career move, some locations have been easy as people were very friendly.  Anyone who would like to post their experiences in moving or making a fresh start, please consider it.  Your experiences may benefit my readers.  There were several new residents in the Good Gus Series such as Nurse Joyce who came all the way from the United Kingdom. Dr. Moore wrote to nursing schools and Nurse Joyce had no family and was looking to make a fresh start.  It was a very long trip but she was welcomed in Pecos by the entire town.  If you need a fresh start with your finances, consider the Money Manager at