friendship boy and girlfriendship

For some reason today it was posted on Facebook that it was Friendship Day. Its on various days around the world but not today. The first World Friendship Day was proposed in Paraguay in 1958. However, the United States attributes this day as originating in either 1919 or 1935. The 1919 date seems to be the accepted honoring friends day. It was initially developed by the greeting card industry, Joyce Hall in 1935, to generate sales. In the 1920’s Friend Day was met with consumer resistance. Over the years, the Friendship Day has gone in and out of popularity. However, with social media all that changed. It has become a day to send digital cards to people that are considered friends. I have written about true friendships before in a different blog. However, it doesn’t hurt to discuss it again. Real friends are very rare as you all know.  In trying times, its interesting to watch which countries have a friendship.  For example, today I read that the former Eastern Block countries are banding together to help each other during the immigration crisis.  Rather than just take care of their country, they are working as a team to help each other.  When people live in a location for a long time, their neighbors become theirs friends and they look out for one another.  I read a different article today about a woman in Hollywood and her son who had died.  The neighbors finally heard her other son crying.  She had been dead for two days.  They both died from natural causes; her from a breathing issue after just being released from the hospital and her son from choking on food. The only reason anyone found out was because a neighbor went to check on them and she heard the boy crying.  Sadly, this woman and her child should have had a real friend that checked on them every day.  The neighbor only went over after her phone calls weren’t returned.  The woman had adopted the two boys as they were brothers.  Its very sad for what should have been many happy years as a family.  Miss Patty’s father-in-law has friends who check on him every day when he isn’t staying with her. Its comforting and nice.  I know a person who lives in a gated community in Las Vegas.  There is an individual who rides his scooter around the complex several times a day to make sure everything looks okay.  Its a very nice gesture.  He visits with many of the individuals so he knows if anyone is away or has health issues.  The people with the health issues he rings their doorbell to make sure they are doing well.  Its very kind. The Good Gus Series really is about friendship and they don’t need a day for it.  That is their life every day.  The books are an excellent example for children of people helping people.