Little League Baseball Playercar racingPeople play games all the time. They play video games, physical games such as basketball, baseball, football, and they play emotional games. I have read on more than one occasion that people in many parts of the world are obsessed with video games. When a new video game appears on the market, the gamers want it immediately. Once its traveled around the world, then the hackers take a crack at it. Many times they interfere with the people playing the video games, and ruin their games as they cheat and hack into the programs. Why they find it necessary to cheat others playing the games is unfathomable to me. Its only a game. There are no prizes and no money exchanges hands. The emotional games that people play are unnecessary in my opinion as well. I assume they gain some personal satisfaction playing these games or possibly boost their ego with their antics. Have you ever worked with a person and found out too late about the games they were playing? I have seen workmates pitted one person against another. It must give the game player some type of perverse pleasure. Then when the workmates went at each other verbally the supervisor let them both go. The person who played this game acted as if there was nothing wrong and she had not set the two people up. I suspected she did it to get rid of them and have her own friends secure the positions, which was exactly what happened.  Its difficult to spot the people playing emotional games with you on occasion particularly if you are inexperienced with that type of person.  The first time they play you, its a shock.  Then you will learn and watch out for it in the future.  The trouble is there is more than one game that people play emotionally, so you may end up being hurt a few times until you get the hang of it. You will though, so please don’t get discouraged.  In the Good Gus Series there are no games except dodge ball,  baseball, hide and seek, tag, and racing.  Life is better when people don’t play games which is why the characters in the Series are always straight forward and to the point.