xmas-present-1443388Ideas for gifts are everywhere. They are on the net, in the newspaper, in our emails, on billboards and commercials on the TV, radio, and unwanted junk mail. Gifts should be any item that is chosen for a reason. Gifts should come from the heart for the most part. If you have to give business gifts, the practical solution is always best. Older people just send a check as they don’t want to be bothered to shop and many do not use the convenience of the internet. I recently saw a Hallmark movie about a woman who was an excellent shopper and since her art was not selling, she offered her services as a person shopper. The man who hired her gave her a first assignment of an old college buddy. They both competed each year for the best and possibly most expensive gifts for each other. The personal shopper bought tickets to a sporting event with a gift certificate for dinner. The man was furious as he wanted her to buy the most popular electronic gadget available. He was too late in the season and the stores were all sold out. Since the man had mentioned his college days and the fun he and his friend had including eating the cheap college food after a game that was what the personal shopper went for.  He fired her. However, later that day, he left his office where the tickets were still on his desk addressed to his friend.  He told his assistant to take care of everything on the desk.  Being efficient, she saw the gift and had it couriered to the friend.  The friend was so thrilled that he stopped by the man’s home that evening to thank him.  He said it was the best gift he had received in a very long time and was looking forward to going to the game and eating decent food not like in college with the Ramen noodles. Obviously, the next day he apologized and hired the personal shopper not only for gifts for his family but since he was in charge of the office staff he thought she could come up with different gifts for them as well.  When she presented to him the ultimate gift for the staff, a week off between Christmas and New Year’s, everyone was elated and he was a hero.  Just one last thought about gifts.  They shouldn’t have to be earned.  Often parents in an attempt to give an incentive to their children to improve their grades offer gifts. It’s a poor incentive to raise the grades on their report cards.  The Good Gus Series never offered incentives for grades or improving school subjects.  The series does have a spelling bee which is a fun story.  It will be available as a recording by the end of January.  There is still time to order a book from the series before the holiday.