book3When things get tough, do you just give up? You would be surprised at how many people do just give up.  There are so many courageous people who have never given up.  I saw an article yesterday about a paralyzed athlete who decided she would never give up. She stuck to her therapy and programs and can now walk.  There are times in life when we are so overwhelmed with problems, that giving up seems almost preferable.  We can’t though. I saw an article yesterday on the internet about a homeless man.  A policeman had come to know him and was trying to assist him.  The man had been homeless for three years.  He had no identity paperwork of any kind.  Finally, they had a break and it was discovered that he had three years of social security disability checks waiting for him at a bank.  Now the man will have a home and a better life thanks to the policeman.  He simply kept trying and did not give up.  When we are faced with hardship, giving up is the easy part.  Its facing the difficulty head on and figuring a way out of it.  In the case of finances, many times when people are no longer employed, its more difficult to find work.  Employers seem to only want individuals who are working rather than the ones who really need a job.  Over the years, I have seen people just give up and work at anything just to have an income.  They ended up losing their ability to work in their chosen field and earn money above minimum wage.  There is a woman I have written about before who still hasn’t given up on her daughter, Angel Rayne.  Sadly, her husband has  left her and their other two children, boys, for another woman.  The husband simply gave up and moved on.  It was easier, I guess.  Still, she has hope and will not give up on her family.  Currently, her mother-in-law is taking care of her boys.  When some people are faced with a negative doctor’s report, they simply give up.  There are the people who will try to fight to the end even if its terminal.  At times such as those, good friends and family can rally around the sick person and help them from calling it quits and giving up.  In book three, “Cory Returns,” Sheriff Gus does not give up.  He follows the trail until he finds his cousin.  Its a great lesson for anyone.