horseshoeYou hear the phrase all the time, “Good Luck.” Sometimes people say it and mean it and other times they are sarcastic. When people really mean Good Luck its usually because you are moving,  a new job or a promotion. They are saying it from the heart as they really do want everything to work out for you. Then there is the sarcastic Good Luck. I have heard people say when they are thinking something will not work out for you, and “good Luck with that.” They obviously are being rude but trying not to sound that way. I also dislike the “Good Luck” when people are jealous of your success. Their tone gives them away. Sometimes the expression on their face lets you know that they really wish you bad luck. I have also heard people say that luck means life’s unintentional consequences. In Las Vegas, Nevada, if you are at a casino or gambling, the staff always says good luck. I believe they mean it as they want you to win. Many times when people win, they share their winnings with the staff member that wished them good luck. I have read about people receiving thousands of dollars just from saying good luck to someone. Frankly, I have met people who automatically have good luck.  They are the ones who hit the jackpot or win money from the lottery.  In the Good Gus Series, there is no mention of luck. The characters make their own luck and its usually good once they figure out how to fix whatever problem needs fixing. Even the children change their bad luck to good. Even though the horse shoe is considered good luck, its not in any of the stories.  As you count down to Christmas, make your shopping easier by buying a book from the Good Gus Series.