kids graduation graduationGraduation is generally a joyous time for anyone whether it is day care, grammar school, high school, college, or trade school. Many people look forward to graduation as it marks a new plateau of achievement and the road to success. When I was young there was only one graduation; high school, which meant that you moved on to college or a trade school. Today, there are graduations from elementary school on up. I loved my children’s graduation from Kindergarten. The next graduation was sixth grade. After that it was high school and then finally college. When I graduated high school there were many girls who were sad to leave a familiar life style. They didn’t want to travel away to college. They preferred to attend local colleges to remain near their families. Today, children want to travel to new and exciting places and study. Many children, including my son, studied in Europe. My daughter liked the local college. It’s exciting and sad for us as parents or guardians to watch them grow up. We worry about the challenges they will face and their ability to handle a variety of situations. In the end, though, when they show you their degree, certificate or diploma, our pride exceeds all of our worries and fears. There are no graduations in the Good Gus Series as the books are designed for young children. The real Gus will graduate in May with – you guessed it – a degree in journalism.   I hope as your younger children and even the older ones become excited about graduation, you will have as much fun as they plan to. I do think the younger children like the food and party more! So remember to put on your list of gifts a book from the Good Gus Series for all the younger children at graduation time.