politicsrecod of i heard it through the grapevine“I Heard it Through the Grapevine” is a song that has been covered by a number of groups including a California raisin commercial. I looked it up on You Tube and its cute.  It was made popular by Marvin Gaye for Motown Records in 1968. However, hearing something through the grapevine generally means only one thing. Its a gossip chain that passes the information to many other people. Rather not gossip or keep a secret, there are people who simply pass on the information. There have been a few people in my life that loved gossip and started their own grapevine. Of course, when they referred to a piece of gossip they used the word grapevine instead. Understanding gossip is difficult sometimes. I think people like gossip and spreading rumors because it makes them feel more powerful and confident. They have something on another person and rather than keep quiet, they send it out through the grapevine. What is worse is that if they are confronted with starting the rumor or the grapevine they deny it vehemently. However, the more they protest the surer you are that they started the grapevine. The grapevine for the politics in the United States is almost fascinating.  Every day I receive some type of email about Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz.  There doesn’t appear to be much gossip on the remaining candidates.   Anyone who has ever read my blogs knows how much I hate gossip.  The  grocery magazines thrive on it though.  Today as I was standing in line at the drugstore, I glanced at the headlines.  They were all about famous people and how one family was going to have a stressful Christmas, another magazine announced that two country stars were going to have a baby, a famous Hollywood actor was getting married again, and on and on.  Where do they find this information?  Is it a rumor someone starts, or are they the beginning of the grapevine that ends up on print?  It does get famous people publicity, but is it the type that they want.  I have heard in countless movies, various actors say, “Any publicity is good publicity.”  Is it though, who knows? None of the stories in the Good Gus Series contain a grapevine of gossip.  Although, at maecharlesbooks.com, “Misplaced Trust” does read like a soap opera which does thrive on a grapevine. The site is up but the designer is still making changes. This is the last week-end for Christmas shopping.  Stay home and relax.  Order books on line for the child or children on your list.