cowgreener grassThe grass is always greener is an old expression meaning that whatever someone else has is better than what you have. Many people want to live the life style of the rich and famous, which was actually the name of a television show many years ago. Many people envied that life style but they forgo that the rich and famous can’t always call their lives their own. How many books, television shows, movies have you seen where the rich are always unhappy, but the poor are not. Seriously, they are all not unhappy and all poor people are definitely not all happy. Many times the rich and famous have to have body guards, can’t just grab a pizza, go to the grocery, eat at a restaurant, or even blend into a crowd without being noticed. I have read so many times that the celebrities will try to have a nice quiet dinner only to have a fan or several fans interrupt their dinner to ask for an autograph, or just wish to speak to them. Their lives are so public, that they have little or no privacy. It is rude behavior in my opinion.The grass is always greener also happens in relationships.  Sometimes one of the twosome sees other men or women more appealing than the person they are with.  Sometimes it works out and many times it backfires. Many people see other people’s life styles, even if they aren’t rich and famous and wish that they could have what those people have. The grass is always greener in some cases is true. Many people around the work struggle to make ends meet and when they do and they see the greener pastures, their thoughts naturally gravitate to that. There have been countless books and movies extolling the fact that those greener pastures are undesirable. I disagree. There are always greener pastures and many achieve their goals by striving for that. They appreciate it and become satisfied with their achievements. In the Good Gus Series there is no grass that is always greener. Everyone is happy with their lives and many chose to live in Pecos, Texas and start their businesses. When your children wish they had more money for more electronics, toys, or a gas go-kart, please consider reading them a story from the Good Gus Series. It may give them a different perspective.