guilt signguilt quoteGuilt is a funny thing. Many parents use guilt as a form of manipulation to make their children do things that they don’t want to do. For example, there may be a grandparent old and sickly and the child just doesn’t want to visit them. A parent will use guilt to goad them into a visit. Its sad because the children should have the moral courage to visit people who aren’t well particularly their own family. There was a television show on last night entitled “Mom.” The grandfather wanted the whole family to go out for pizza. The teenage daughter said no maybe some other time. The mother tried to coax her to go but she would have no part of it. The next day, the grandfather died. She had terrible guilt because it was such a simple thing and she basically said she “blew him off.” People shouldn’t make decisions or choices out of fear of guilt. I saw another show where the husband wanted to go hunting and the wife really didn’t want him to go. She used guilt, enlisted the children to make him feel guilty, and in the end when one of the children really was sick, he skipped the trip. Now there are people who should have guilt and sometimes don’t because they are mentally incapable. As parents if we try guilt there is a good chance our children will see right through us and the guilt won’t work. In the Good Gus Series there are children who feel guilty. Its usually because their parents told them not to do something and they did anyways. Then when they were either caught in the act or hurt, their guilt surfaced. I hope as you think about the reading choices you can make for the child or children in your life, you will consider the good family values in the Good Gus series.