gungun woman

Wherever you turn to read any article, lately many of the discussions particularly in American politics are about guns. Some of the politicians are for everyone owning a gun and some are against it. The latest shooting in Oregon reignited the discussion. In the State of Texas as well as other western states people are allowed to have guns to protect their homes, their property and themselves. Most states allow you to have a concealed weapon if you do paperwork and pay a fee. The new laws in the United States do not allow anyone to carry a gun onto a school campus of any type. However, that does not stop anyone with a gun arriving and start shooting at people. There has to be a better way. I remember years ago, a person with a gun went into a McDonald’s and started shooting. A woman wrote about it and said if she had a gun in her purse she would have told the shooter to stop or she would have shot him to prevent the killings. She and her mother were saved that day. However, the following day she went right down and registered for a conceal handgun permit and filed the necessary paperwork. From that point forward, she hasn’t gone anywhere without her handgun. Why there is so much violence in America is a question no one can really answer. Some people blame it on violent video games, others say that if a person has a mental problem and can access a gun, they will and do their worst. I have read about various criminals who have killed people simply because they were bullied as a child and even an adult. War is bad enough but random killings or groups that feel they can kill anyone they please is wrong and something most people cannot understand. The gangs, as I have read and viewed documentaries, say they do it to be a part of something; its their right; it gives them power over their victim; and some even enjoy it. There are militant groups today that seem to find pleasure in killing innocent people. I have wondered if their recruits find them as an opportunity to kill at will.  When you read about many of the wars, you realize that there were people who went into battle to fight for what they believed in and then there were the people who were in it for the spoils.  One last point, if anyone owns a gun and they keep it in a locked case, make sure the case is secure.  I know a woman who has a pink handgun in a case with a lock.  My son showed her that he could open her case and take the gun out.  She was shocked as she has young children and they could easily figure it out even though it its locked.  She realized the case with the lock are useless! I purposely wrote the Good Gus Series without any guns or violence.  Since there is too much violence in the world, I thought it best to give children positive role models as they read.