goal-words-with-soccer-ballLittle League Baseball PlayerWhen we were in elementary school there was no gym class. It was called recess. I think we all loved recess.  We played games, played with our friends, and the teachers on duty let us be unless some boys started a fight.  I think because the teachers were so visible there was less bullying. When we moved on to junior high or middle school it became gym class. The athletic classes in junior high weren’t that bad at least for me. I had a male coach and he treated us fairly. Most of our gym classes were combined with the boys which at thirteen was far more interesting. The coach focused  more on physical fitness.  I had to learn how to climb a rope, jump over hurdles, race, hit and catch a soft ball and much more.  As I look back on it, it really was an all around fitness program.  When I reached high school, everything changed. I had a female coach and we had to wear really ugly uniforms. They were dark blue, one piece  outfits with shorts and an  attached sleeveless shirt. We all looked ridiculous and I believe it was meant for us to look that way. The female coach was much harder on us and as a result I hated gym class. When I reconnected with a classmate from high school recently, the very first thing she asked me was “Do you remember our awful gym class?” Exercise is necessary at all ages. I have read various articles where schools are eliminating recess. Children need breaks when they are young. They need to burn off steam and have fun. In the Good Guys Series, the children have recess and then a break for lunch with additional recess time.  In Book eighteen, “No biting,” Sheriff Gus and Ray, the Blacksmith stopped by the school and Miss Patty decided that during their visit it would be recess. As you look at the endless websites for gifts, please consider a book from the Good Gus Series to give the child or children in your life an example of a more physical lifestyle.