KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAAlmost everyone enjoys Halloween. As children we all loved choosing a costume, trick or treating when we were a little older with our friends, the parties at school and of course, the candy. When I was young, you made your own costume. It wasn’t the big business that it is today. I had to go to the drug store today and it was full of people buying candy and searching for costumes. As a child I loved collecting all the candy. However, when I returned home, it was immediately confiscated and doled out sparingly. I really think that the parents ate most of it! When my children were young, we had a great time trick or treating. The best place they ever had Halloween was in San Diego, California. The houses are so close together that they really cleaned up. My daughter would always hide hers and then six months later I would find it rotted somewhere in her room. She still loves Halloween today. Every year she and her husband have a party which has become the tradition for them as well as their friends. They go all out decorating and making foods that resemble Halloween characters. Sadly, no children came to my door today.  I didn’t even see any children out in their costumes. I really look forward to seeing them in their special garb. I never included Halloween in the Good Gus Series. I didn’t think of an idea and I didn’t want to write about anything scary. The series focuses on the positive and to include ghosts, goblins or anything frightening would not have kept with the theme. As the holiday season rapidly approaches, please consider a book from the Good Gus Series as a Christmas gift for the child or children in your life.  Happy Halloween everyone!