kids-playing13-crowd-laugh2-300x2401-150x150-largeWhen you were growing up where was the hang out for you and your friends? When I was young there were a variety of places. You could easily find your friends at the soda shop or pizza parlor. It was fun after a dreary day of school. There was never really a friend’s home that we all met to hang out. As we grew the hang out locations changed. A new boy moved into my neighborhood and his father was financially successful. His parents made their home the hang out after school. The dad even brought home a juke box which was really amazing. The mom had snacks every day for whoever showed up. There were two brothers whose parents both worked which was rare then. She always went out of her way to make them feel welcome. When my children were growing up, wherever we lived was the hang out. We lived in New England for a while and had a huge finished basement and because I worked at home many mothers would invite their children to my home. I didn’t really mind as I was happy to have all the children there and there was always plenty of after school snacks. When we moved to Texas, our home was once again the hang out. By then my children were playing kick the can, capture the flag and a few other games. They all congregated at my house. We had a fire pit in the back yard/garden, and they enjoyed toasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories. I also started a new tradition, fajita night. I never knew who would be there, but I always had plenty of food on hand. When we moved to San Diego, California, it wasn’t long before the fajita night tradition was in full swing. One of my son’s friends had an avocado tree in his garden and when they were in season, it was great! When I was growing up, my home was never the hang out so I was really glad that as my children grew our home was the hang out for everyone. In the Good Gus Series, Mary’s Café and the area in front of Sheriff Gus’s office is the hang out. Mary is the go to Mom and she always has plenty of food available. The recordings will be coming soon. I look forward to reading all of my stories and making them available to the children around the world.