happyhappy flowers  As people reminisce about 2015, they often mention their happiest days throughout the past year. The positive individuals discuss all the wonderful times with family and friends and a few even talk about interesting foods they ate. Have you thought about your happiest days this past year? I know Miss Patty’s father-in-law will remember his wonderful days with her and their family. There have been many changes this past year for everyone. Not all people had happy days every day. Even the TV show, “Happy Days” no one was happy all the time. It’s easy to dwell on the negative events of 2015 and shut out our happiest days. For the people in the war zones, escaping was probably the best memory of 2015. Negative thoughts such as losing one’s job and not finding another one over shadows the happiest days of 2015 for those individuals. Many people have lost hope this past year. Their lives deteriorated further, their place of employment closed their doors, their income shrunk, a family member contracted a terminal illness, and loved ones passed. It’s not easy remembering those events. It’s even more difficult to focus on the few good days if too much went on and made a person depressed or unhappy. The holiday season does remind everyone of past Christmases. I saw a movie today where an adult man said his happiest day was one Christmas when it snowed and his parents couldn’t open their restaurant.  It was the only time in his life that they just enjoyed the day.  Since his father was a chef, naturally the food was fabulous.  He said they simply watched the snow, and enjoyed wonderful conversation.  What was really sad was that they never had a tree.  There are people who do not celebrate the holidays due to religious affiliation and then there are a few who simply don’t wish to participate in the day.  I met a girl yesterday who enjoyed her day by painting a picture for her niece who loves horses.  Naturally, I gave her a few Good Gus stickers for the niece. She told me her happiest days this past year were painting.  I hope as people ask you about 2015 before it closes, you will remember your happiest days and let the negative remain deep in the shadows.