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Do you know people who harass you? Everyone at one time or another has someone who feels it is perfectly acceptable to harass another individual. There are times when  parents harass their children but its usually because they need to be forced into doing something correctly or behaving properly. As children, we all try to get away with as much as possible. However, as parents, since we already tried all the things our children tried to get away with, they can’t get quite as much past us. Most parents nag at one time or another but as children begin to grow, its not so much nagging as it is harassment. Believe me, I have heard those very words from my own children when they were young. There are family situations where a boyfriend or girlfriend of a single parent will harass his or her child because they want something from them. Sometimes it can with words wanting the child to do chores and other times it can take on a more sister meaning. Only strong children with strong parents can handle that type of situation. When a person begins to harass another person as an adult it takes on a new meaning. There are people who harass others at work including physically and emotionally. The physical is obvious and there are laws to protect individuals from this type of behavior. However, the emotional is completely different. There was a movie several years ago entitled “Two Weeks Notice” starring Sandra Bullock. She was harassed day and night by her boss. Granted part of it was due to the nature of her job, but Hugh Grant went above and beyond with his phone calls in the middle of the night and at just about any hour. She looked harassed each day and ended up sleeping poorly until she quit. Of course, it had a happy ending. Being harassed in the workplace is no joke. People can harass by a variety of methods such as raising their voice to another individual, unpleasant looks, rolling of eyes, passing the blame, and using foul language simply because it will aggravate another person. It affects the work environment in a negative way, but a few of these forms of harassment can’t be seen or heard on occasion which makes it difficult for the person being harassed. In the Good Gus Series, this type of behavior did not exist.  As Christmas approaches, the stories are great entertainment and a new way to begin a Christmas tradition with the “The Special Gift.”