hot air balloonsAlmost everyone loves hot air balloons. The first time I saw one up close was when I was living in the country. We were living on a small parcel of land with only a few nearby neighbors. I awoke one morning to a whooshing sound. When I saw the hot air balloons on my side yard I couldn’t believe it. I awoke my daughter who absolutely loved hot air balloons. I even gave her a Christmas ornament one year with Winnie the Pooh in a hot air balloon. As we watched, they had landed for some reason and were getting ready to depart again. We watched them take off and as they left for the sky two more hot air balloons landed in the back near our garden. They also regrouped and then took off following the first pair. It was amazing and beautiful. It was one of the nicest awakenings on a Saturday even if it was really early! One day I remembered that incident and decided to write a story about hot air balloons. Its book fourteen entitled “The Surprise in the Sky.” As Sheriff Gus was completing his rounds on Main Street, also on a Saturday, he noticed something way off in the big Texas sky. He rushed  inside his office to find his telescope and when he returned to the street he could see an  object  that was too big to be a bird. It occurred to him that it might just be a hot air balloon. He rushed to the library to ask Charlie where the book on hot air balloons was located. Charlie asked him why as he thought he had read that book the previous year. When Gus explained why, Charlie became very excited. His daughter, Heather, loved hot air balloons. She was at Dr. Moore’s helping Nurse Joyce make bandages. Before you knew it  half of Pecos was watching the approach of a beautiful blue and gold hot air balloon. All of a sudden they saw the pilot waving frantically and immediately they realized something is wrong. Sheriff Gus and Judge Ross, who had been in the town for the day, hurry out to speak to thepilot. There is indeed a problem, but the town rallies and the pilot, a Marquis from France is saved. As you consider ideas of future books for the child or children in your life, and wish to promote reading rather than video games, please take a glance at the Good Gus Series.