1-gus2-300x2401-150x150-largeComedians love to do imitations of other people, particularly famous people. Over the years, there have been a number of comedians who based their careers around Presidents of the United States. There have also been comedians who have performed imitations of celebrities, politicians, world leaders, and other actors and actresses,. Children love to do imitations. Its particularly funny when they do imitations of television stars or someone famous. Children also imitate us in our words, actions and behavior. Its important that we always set a good example. It is not funny when people do imitations to make fun of other people. Its hurtful and destroys the other person’s confidence. Sometimes people think that is nothing serious and just a joke. However, when a comedian or your child imitates someone famous its not the same as an imitation to make fun of someone. If your child does imitations of famous people and you enjoy it, there is no harm in encouraging his or her routines.  Many times they can do skits in school talent shows which will bolster their confidence. I recently saw an old television show that had a boy doing imitations of famous television stars from the 1950’s.  His family thought he was just awful and were trying to figure out a way to keep him from performing.  They finally came up with a solution that was really quite simple. In an effort to prevent the boy from appearing in the talent show, the dad asked his son if he would like to go fishing on the very week-end of the show.  At first the boy turned him down. Then, by accident a few days later when the whole family was home, the dad started singing.  His voice was really awful but his wife, the mother of the boy, encouraged him.  The dad actually sang even worse  to show his family his talent if you can believe that. The boy, not wishing his dad to be embarrassed, decided that the two of them should go fishing and he would skip the talent show.  Sometimes as parents we need to help our children in such a way that they are not embarrassed but at the same time don’t lose their confidence.   In the Good Gus Series there are no imitations. Its the old west so everyone is the real deal and there is no time for imitations. No one pretends to be someone else or make fun of anyone. When you are looking for the “real deal” to present books to the child or children in your life, I hope you will choose a book from the Good Gus series.