first impressionThe first time we see something or do something we have an immediate first impression. When you visit a new area, or meet someone for the very first time, your first impression is the one that remains in your head. After you have  applied for a position and been called for your initial interview, how you present yourself, your appearance, and how you speak gives the interviewer their first impression of you. I have read numerous articles that have stated that the interviewer, who has their own prejudices, will automatically judge a person based on their first impression.  I ran a contract engineering firm for twenty years.  Rarely if ever did I meet any of the people who worked for us.  I thought it was a perfect system, as I submitted individuals to jobs based on their experience and nothing else.  I found out  later that I once put a man with one hand in an assembly position.  The supervisor called me to ask if I knew he had one hand.  I had explained no but that his references were impeccable.  The supervisor said  that initially he was skeptical but decided to give him a chance.  He was better than all the other workers! There was also a friend of mine who worked at this same company but in a different section and capacity.  He had worked days and went to an excellent university evenings.  He was also married so he had many responsibilities.  He graduated college with an engineering degree and was hired at that same company.  He was placed as a manger in a small section.  I had toured that facility so I would have a better understanding of their operation and the equipment they utilized.  I noticed that all the men wore almost exactly the same “uniform.”  They wore a flannel shirt, khaki pants, and thick rubber soled shoes.  When I told my friend, he didn’t seem fazed.  I suggested his wife and I schedule a shopping trip with him. She was all for it.  She could see his potential and knew that with the right breaks he would become very successful.  I helped him choose nice shirts, slacks, an expensive name brand leather belt and some very expensive, but comfortable leather shoes.  He fainted at the price of the shoes, but after one day wearing them to work, his feet weren’t hurting at the end of the day.  A few weeks later, a Vice President from the corporate office was touring the facility.  He was looking for a manager that could represent the company in a unique way.  As he walked through the plant, he spotted my friend.  He had no idea who he was, but he told the local manager that he was the man he wanted.  The vice president did not know what my friend’s credentials were, but his first impression had him sold as the man for the job.  My friend has since moved on to be a vice president of a world wide corporation.  So, possibly that old saying, “dress to impress” wasn’t too far off in this instance. We tend to be judged by our appearance more than we should.  In the Good Gus Series, everyone dressed similar and there was no real judging.  It was a different time where people accepted each other and counted on them to sustain life.