big bangscandalsfightingMany people get together because they feel they have something in common with another individual or group. They often believe that if they like a particular activity that everyone who joins within that group that they will have a great deal in common with the members. For example, a man loves fishing. He joins a Angler’s group hoping to meet others who enjoy fishing as well and possibly other activities. Once the man attends the first meeting, he realizes other than the enjoyment of fishing, he has absolutely noting in common with the group. Not only that, all the participants are old enough to be his father! Individuals start dating in the hopes of meeting a person who shares the same interests that they share. Often people even get married or move in together based on what they believe they have in common. It’s usually not long afterwards that they realize that they may like dancing, good food and the beach, but as for everything else is concerned they are not a match. Computer dating was designed to set people up to meet their perfect match. From the commercials, they companies appear to be doing quite well and frequently release testimonials about the success of their programs. For the few that they release, what happened to the thousands of individuals who joined and found that they had little or nothing in common with their prefect match. There are still countries around the world today where the parents match their children with individuals whom they believe are an ideal choice for matrimony. In the olden days, individuals were matched primarily for advancement in territories, uniting royal countries, and to help keep the family farm alive. When you don’t have to pay the help, the profits improve dramatically.  When I was young, if couples went dancing for a few months, and seemed to have a lot in common they married.  Then, after a few years, both parties were miserable.  Sadly, divorce wasn’t really popular and they ended up unhappy for most of their lives.  There was a neighbor across the street when I was young, that had divorced.  The wife was considered to be a loose woman.  She did date, but even being a child, she didn’t seem to have men hanging around all the time.  She had two sons and the dad took them every week-end.  The dad married a woman whose husband had left her and completely disappeared.  She had no option but divorce so she could move on with her life. The second marriage worked out very well.  Even when I started working in an office, any woman who was divorced was treated differently.  It was if she was, in the single men’s minds, loose and available.  In reality, one woman I knew was a nice lady who married wrong. She told me that she and her husband after they married, really had nothing in common.  He left her and filed for divorce.  He really wanted to shop around rather than be tied down to any one woman.  The citizens in Pecos, in the Good Gus Series, had a much in common.  They were all trying to survive and had a common goal.  Tomorrow, on Kindle, on Amazon, the first book, “Pecos Meets Bad Bart” will be available.  Also, “Misplaced Trust” will also be available on Kindle as well.  Please check them out.  The pictures in book one look fabulous on Kindle.