good intentions13-crowd-laugh2-300x2401-150x150-largeMany individuals speak in confidence to their family and friends and believe that whatever they say will remain private. Sadly, if the confidant thinks that the information is interesting,  will make that confiding person look bad or be embarrassed, they will pass that information on to others. Then it will snowball into something even more awful than the original data. Let me give you an example. Woman A is debating about leaving her husband. She believes that Woman B is a real friend. She decides to tell her friend about her dilemma and meet her over coffee.  They discuss it and she reminds her friend that she hasn’t made up her mind but that everything they discussed was in confidence. As soon as Woman B arrives home, she starts calling other women filling them in.  Naturally, the other women tell their boyfriends or husbands and the next thing you know the husband of Woman A is hearing about it. It all blows up when if Woman B had kept her word and didn’t tell anyone about her friend’s dilemma that was in confidence, a lot of heartache could have been avoided.  When you watch movies with spies, almost everything they say and do is in confidence.  Somehow, however, it all leaks out and both sides become angry.  When I was young there was a magazine entitled “Confidential.”  It was supposed to be about things that famous people said or did that were in confidence.  I wasn’t allowed to read it, but my girlfriend bought it so as young girls we devoured what was really gossip.  I believe that the rich and famous make all their employees sign agreements confirming not to divulge anything that may be said or acts that were in confidence. Once your trust is breached, it takes a long time to trust anyone again.  Many people trust the wrong people and end up having their lives plastered all over the news be it in a small town, someone famous, a celebrity or even a politician.   Just about everything politicians do is in confidence and they really do need trustworthy people on their staff.  In the Good Gus Series nothing is said in confidence because everyone knows about everyone else’s lives!