camping with tentScoutsWheelchair_with_writing_desk_and_umbrellaMany comments from people around the world are that individuals in the United States have the most ingenuity. Its true that many new inventions come from the United States, but there are so many other countries around the world that have just as much ingenuity. I have read about studies by scientists who have invented medical cures, medical devices, everyday items for the home, etc. Not all people have a sense of ingenuity. I remember seeing an old show that featured an underlying theme of ingenuity. It involved a family. The dad was a workaholic who promised to take the son and his friends on a camping and fishing trip. At the last minute the dad cancelled. The son was crushed and angry. The mum decided she would take the boys. The son was apprehensive about his mother taking them to the woods, but he wanted to go so badly that he agreed and convinced his friends that it would work out. So, bright and early Saturday morning off they went, about six boys and the mum to the woods. They hiked with back packs and the mum thought she would faint carrying such a heavy pack filled with food. As soon as they found a good spot, the boys grabbed their fishing poles and ran off to the river. The mum was left to set up the tents. She gave it her best effort but failed miserably. While she was attempting to set up the camp a forest ranger arrived. He offered his assistance, but she turned it down. He also told her there was a pay phone about one half mile away. The next scene showed not only the tents all set up, but a nice stack of firewood. When the boys returned they were amazed and impressed. The trip was a success and when the mum and son returned home, the dad asked how it all went. The son bragged about his mum and how wonderful the trip was. The mother, when asked by her husband, said she had been a Girl Scout and had used ingenuity. The following day, a man knocked at the back door and when she opened it he was wearing a uniform from a rental company. He was presenting his bill as the mum tried to shoo him away so her husband wouldn’t hear. Of course he did and that’s when he discovered that she had indeed used ingenuity by using a rental company to set up the campsite. In the Good Gus Series, Ray uses ingenuity to make tools to help Katie who is in a wheelchair so she can participate in all the school activities. I hope that the Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Brownie and/or Girl Scout in your family uses their ingenuity when they are camping and on hikes.