Wheelchair_with_writing_desk_and_umbrellaWhy are so many people insensitive? I saw an article today about a four month old baby with Downs Syndrome. She looked absolutely adorable with a happy smile on her face; her name is Louise. Her mother was writing about the remarks people make to her and the questions they ask. If the situation was reversed, the questioner would wonder why she was so insensitive. Saying she is a little downs syndrome trooper, or that “in spite of everything she is still your child” is beyond insensitive, I think its cruel. She is a little girl, and a very cute one at that. Its difficult for me to understand the way people react to children with disabilities. These are children who have a health issue. Are they any less of a person than a child with cancer or leukemia? Is it a form of prejudice? I don’t know. All I know is that people need to refrain from making remarks. One of the worst in the article was “Did you know?” Its almost an underlying question, if you knew why didn’t you have an abortion? Its difficult to understand. Children with disabilities are kind loving individuals. All children want to be loved which is what is really important. I have seen people react very negatively to both children and adults with disabilities. I have wondered do they have any feelings whatsoever.  In one of my books,  number twenty-two,”The Field Trip” a little girl who cannot walk moves to Pecos with her family.  I know I have mentioned this in previous blogs, but I still feel the line is really important.  When she goes to the school for the first time, the teacher, Miss Patty introduces her at Katie.  She doesn’t say this is Katie she is in a wheel chair, or that she cannot walk.  When all the children stare at her, Frankie asks,”What are you all looking at?  She is just a girl.”  I wrote it that way so that children with disabilities could be seen as a person not someone with a health issue.  I hope in the future, when you hear someone speaking in an insensitive way to a parent, guardian, aunt uncle, grandparent about a disabled child or adult, that you will politely point out their lack of sensitivity. Please vote for me on Facebook for the Chase Bank grant.  https://missionmainstreetgrants.com/vote. The zip code is 89108.

Thank you for your support. Mae Charles