integrity signPeople define integrity in a variety of ways. It has a simple definition but if you ask a few people what they believe integrity is you will receive many different answers. The world needs integrity. Every day as you read or hear the news, the amount of dishonesty is astonishing. Take today for example: A Democrat in the United States government forged a letter; a doctor in Detroit, Michigan, US, lied to his patients claiming they needed chemotherapy and basically stole over $37 million dollars while destroying 550 lives; and a monk in India is being accused of money laundering. I am guessing the Democrat sent the letter for notoriety and hopefully gain popularity in the polls. The doctor had absolutely no morals whatsoever and stole all that money and its difficult to comprehend a Monk doing anything wrong. In the workplace, its difficult often times to work with people who have no integrity. When you are working with people on a day to day basis, particularly if you are in a large organization, solving a situation with a person who has no real moral compass can be very difficult. You could end up even losing your job. The possibility of speaking to them might work, but if they lack integrity you might as well talk to the wall. Even in daily life, half the articles you read on the internet or even in the plots of shows on the TV or in the movies, many of them focus on a complete lack of integrity.  The shows or movies usually have a hero who demonstrates good values and integrity. The news is depressing because the articles are generally negative and about wrong doings regardless of whom or even what country.  Many of the rumor magazines have no integrity.  They clearly take hearsay and put it into print.  Years ago, celebrities and politicians would sue those magazines in an effort to stop them.   You can see how well that worked out just standing in the checkout at the grocery as you look around at the sensationalized covers with their enticing headlines.  In the Good Gus Series, the sheriff and the towns people all have integrity.  They are wonderful books for the child or children in your lives to give them an idea of what real integrity means.