world internetcomputer internetThe internet has an unusual reputation. Many believe if the internet states it, it must be true. When I was young, if there was an advertisement in the newspaper or a magazine, everyone automatically assumed it was true. Sadly, it was filler and it wasn’t true. Many of the old time ads were a real joke. I was told by an older gentleman about two ads. One was guaranteed to kill any bug provided you followed the directions. People sent away for the bug killing kit. When it arrived it had two wooden blocks, Block A and Block B. The directions were quite precise. All you had to do was put a bug on Block A and then smash it with Block B. A second ad he told me about was a portable hanger guaranteed to work once again if you followed the simple directions. This one when it arrived include three nails! I remember reading about ads for eight foot alligators. Of course, the companies in Florida sent babies. I also remember reading about the New York sewer systems being filled with alligators. I am guessing that the children kept them until they were too big and then had no where else to take them so they flushed them down the toilet. There were commercials on old time radio that people believed. I heard some of those old shows and it was surprising. There were several commercials for cigarettes that were one hundred percent endorsed by a doctor to be good for your health. Where are they now? Probably dead from lung cancer!!! Then when television came along people believed that whatever was said on the TV was true. There were so many commercials in the early days for everything imaginable. People believed them, bought the products and some were happy with their purchases, others not so much. Movie stars and celebrities made the commercials and based on their testimonials, products rose and fell in sales. Now we have the internet. In the movie, “Sleepless in Seattle” the little girl makes reservations for the little boy who is traveling alone to New York City to meet what he believes is his future mum.  The little girl types into the computer that he can fly unaccompanied as he is really short for his age.  The boy asks if he will have a problem.  Her reply was, “If its in the computer, it has to be true.” The good parts of the internet is that everyone knows what is going on in the world.  Granted there are countries who filter and screen what people can view on the internet, but for the most part the internet gives us an opportunity to see the world and  a fair amount of the truth.  As there was no electricity in the old west, the people of Pecos had to rely on telling the truth.  I am sure back then there were the traveling medicine shows selling elixirs guaranteed to cure just about everything.  Easter is only a few weeks away.  I hope you will consider a Good Gus Series book for the child or children in your life.