invisible-man-10035082When we were young and even children today, we all liked to pretend that we were invisible. Children particularly try it when they have misbehaved and don’t want to get caught. There are children who grow up and are still invisible as adults. I am not sure if its that they become so innocuous during their growing years, that by the time they become an adult, they want to stay in the background, not be noticed and be just plain invisible. When you think of individuals like that what may come to mind is the least attractive child in a family. The other siblings stand out and he or she seems to fade into the background. I wonder if that happens in large families such as the Duggers. I feel bad for the oldest girl as she is not married and there must be some type of pressure to be married as the younger girls are not only married, but having babies. I know this is true in average sized families, even if there are only two girls. If the younger one gets married first, parents, friends, relatives all expect the older girl to get with it and find a mate. When I was young, child with disabilities were pushed off into a corner and I am sure they felt invisible.  Today, however, they are included in activities which I think is important for not only the children but for their self esteem. Sometimes there are people who are overweight who feel invisible and wish they were. I know for most people losing weight is a struggle and not the easiest task. Most people hate dieting and exercise. I love exercise. I get some of my best ideas on the treadmill. I was writing a story one day over a year ago, when I still had a radio show, and could not think of a good ending. I struggled for a few days and finally, at the gym, while doing an exercise machine it came to me. I wanted something exciting and dramatic and it hit me in a flash. Its the ending to book six, “The Circus Comes to Pecos.” It is not published yet, but I have ordered a recording device so that I can start recording all the stories and offer them on my website. In all the Good Gus Series books, no one is invisible. Everyone watches out for each other which is a great comfort to young children. Remember, Valentine’s Day is only twelve days away. There is still time to order a book rather than candy for the child or children in your life.

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