it could get worseit could bwe with bear It could be worse. I hate those words when someone says them because usually something difficult is happening and its the last words anyone wants to hear. Nine out of ten times when someone says that it actually does get worse. Often people don’t think before they speak. I saw an article today about a couple who were adopting triplet’s. Right after the adoption, they discovered they were also expecting twins. Some of the remarks were ridiculous. A few of the comments were “It could be worse, now you have a really big family; Of course once you adopted children you were bound to get pregnant.” Seriously, the couple did not have the huge sums of money for scientific assistance. They were excited for the triplets and now were doubly elated for their twins. There were many comments from people finding fault with the author of the article. The responses were primarily from women citing the ridiculousness of the author’s statements. I didn’t realize that there is a TV show in the United States entitled “It Could Be Worse.” I have never heard of it until today and never seen it. There are times in life when negative things just keep happening. Then people make statements such “It can only get better;” It can’t get any worse;” and so forth. Facing problems in life is what all of us do every day. If we think that it could be worse, it may get worse. There are times in life that no matter what we do, how hard we try, things do continue to spiral downhill. During those times, anyone who makes stupid remarks should be ignored. After all its not their life so to pour gasoline on an already burning fire is inconsiderate and insensitive.  In the old west, the people in Pecos understood that it could be worse.  However, they didn’t look at things that way.  The series includes a dust storm, an earthquake, a swarm of locusts, flooding and more.  Its a wonderful series for children to learn that no matter what happens, everyone sticks together and help each other through good times and bad.