judge-10036284Why are people so judgmental? Recently I have seen several articles on the internet where people have been quick with the tongue and extremely judgmental. One article was about a woman in a store with her two children, a little girl who was around four or five and a baby she was carrying in a pack. The little girl was sitting at a demonstration make up table looking at the items available. The store manager posted on Facebook including a picture of the little girl sitting at the make up table using foul language stating that the mother was leading her children astray and that they would turn out badly. For the life of me, I couldn’t see anything wrong in the picture. This man’s comments were so judgmental that it was truly surprising. Next I saw an article on Yahoo about a baby with an eye problem. Another mother had reacted because the child’s mother, in a hurry to take her children to the soccer field, forgot to put in her fake eye. When one of the mothers saw her, her outburst was so loud that everyone turned around to stare at the baby. Then the mother quickly put in her fake eye and rather than say “I am sorry” the woman said thank goodness you did that. Her immediate attitude of a sweet little girl’s appearance was rude and unkind to say the least. There were one or two more articles but one that stands out is about an overweight girl in a store in the United States. She overheard a mother and daughter making snide comments about her size. She left the store crying. What made these two individuals be so judgmental about a stranger? Surely, they never took the time to even say a kind word but felt they had the right to make unflattering comments about her. The girl eventually went back into the store and made a purchase and posted a selfie to let everyone know that just because she is a plus size doesn’t mean she isn’t a strong decent person.  Being judgmental is not allowed in the Good Gus Series.  There is still time for your favorite young child to read a good book over the summer.