kindness animalskindness with catDid you know that parents value good grades over kindness according to their children? I read an article on the internet about a Harvard study which surveyed ten thousand children from thirty-three school districts to rank the importance of “caring for others,” “achieving at a high level,” or “being a happy person (feeling good most of the time).” They also rated how they believed their friends and parents perceived these values. The children ranked good grades above being kind to others or members of their community. That was really surprising. However, if you stop and think about it parents are elated and express their pride when a child comes home with good grades on their report cards. If they attend a sporting event, the parents are the first to cheer and by far the loudest when their child is successful on the playing field. However, what is their reaction if their child shows kindness to a person in need? Most parents, apparently, do not high five, or display the same enthusiasm for an act of kindness by their child. I also saw a different article about a boy who convinced his mother to buy a homeless man a meal at a Waffle House. His parents were extremely proud of him so much so that his actions appeared as an article on the internet. Children need to feel compassion for others and perform random acts of kindness as many adults do. It rounds them out to become caring adults. I remember reading articles about people performing random acts of kindness by putting money into parking meters.  When the police found out, they started watching for the people inserting money in the meters and arrested them.  Great example to everyone! In the Good Gus Series, kindness is implied in every story.


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