381456_599136753431218_1471522940_n Labels come in many forms. We find them on grocery items, clothes, automobiles and even on people. Many times people give labels to their associates, their friends, their family members, siblings, strangers and famous people. If a person is labelled a certain way it is quite possible they will act that way. I hate the label people give other individuals that have had a rough life, made the wrong choices, or do not have all the “celebrity” attributes such as a perfect physique, gorgeous hair, ideal teeth, and are impeccably dressed. I think when people refer to others as damaged goods that they are destroying that person’s confidence, and their self esteem. It may be their way of building themselves up but they need a better option. I also dislike the labels people place on individuals who are really tall or really short. For many years “little people” were ridiculed. My daughter was in dance with a little person. Most of the children ignored him. He was a nice boy. His grandmother was raising him and she believed that his only chances for monetary success in life were either acting or dancing. At least in this time, there are “little people” who have television shows and have the opportunity to work in any industry they choose. I believe there is a set of twins or brothers who are are multi-millionaires in real estate are little people.  In the Good Gus Series all the books are  about liking people for who they are not how they look, whether they are tall or short, skinny or thick, or if they have store or home made clothes. As the holidays approach, I hope you will look to the Good Gus Series for inspiration for the child or children in your life.