boy listeningPnot lisstening  People don’t always listen when others are speaking. In this day and age, they are playing with their phones, texting, looking things up or playing a game. It makes the speaker feel as though they are boring, and that the other party is not interested in what they have to say. As parents, when our children were young or if you have young children now, you clearly understand that children do not listen. Its not that they don’t love us, or find us boring, its that they have more important things on their minds such as their toys, when they can go play and how they can get out of whatever chores we were about to assign them. I think meetings can be so boring that without realizing a person simply will not listen. Their mind will wander, or they may be thinking that the speaker has said the same thing over and over and how much longer do they have to sit there and listen to him or her. Politicians claim all the time that they listen to their constituents and they probably do. Many of them repeat what their future voters say to include their thoughts in their political platforms and on their campaigns. Do you find it easy to listen to long speeches? I would rather that the speaker get to the point and move on. I feel the same way about meetings. Often times people solicit advice and as helpful people, we give it. Then, for whatever reason, they don’t listen and regret it. They chose the wrong path and afterwards they return and say “Why didn’t I listen to you?” When people behave that way, if they ask for advice again, I don’t give it. Mainly, because if they solicit your opinion again, they will probably ignore it and then return only to tell you that you gave great advice, but they didn’t follow it. My only thought is why did you bother to ask when you knew you probably wouldn’t follow it and then regret it.There have been numerous instances where both children and adults have truly listened in a life threatening situation and not only saved their own lives but the lives of others.  Of course, when children ask for advice, they don’t always follow it either.  Its not because they think our advice is stupid or illogical, its more that they feel they are invincible and whatever choices they make are always the right ones.  In the Good Gus Series, the twin boys J.C. and Bronco do not listen often to their parents and usually find themselves in a situation that needs fixing. Liam and Frankie also do the same thing. By not listening Bronco ended up with a broken arm, and Liam with an injury in his side.  If you are curious about any of my stories, they are available on my website.  The new Mae Charles Books website is coming along nicely.