surprised-look-20132649very-serious-look-5216614Looks can be deceiving. Have you ever been invited to a dinner party and sat down to what appeared to be a beautifully prepared meal only to discover that the food tasted absolutely awful? Eating it then becomes a struggle so you don’t hurt the host or hostess’s feelings. There is a song from the 1950’s entitled “Just one look.” The lyrics state that all it took was just one look and the singer fell madly in love with the other person. Love at first sight, maybe. Looks can also be deceiving in other ways. I read an article a really long time ago that was about a survey conducted by a firm about people’s opinions regarding looks. Some of the results were surprising and others were stereotypical. Here are a few of the polling results: Tall men are always very intelligent; blondes are dumb; brunettes are smarter than blondes, short people are mean and have Napoleon complexes, etc. Seriously, who were these people? Not all tall people are smart. Sometimes the second they speak its the exact opposite. There are many successful blondes in all industries. Look at the blondes who are actresses or actors. They are successful in their careers and financially. Not all brunettes are intelligent either. As for short people, many of my friends are short and they are neither mean nor do they have a Napoleonic complex. I didn’t think people thought that way, but apparently in a confidential survey, people express their real thoughts. I think we should judge people by how they treat us. I once worked with a man for two years before I noticed he was missing two fingers. He had been injured in a war. Besides, looks, there is also” the look.” We have all given “the look” at one time or another. It was that look we gave our parents when we thought they said something stupid to us, that now our children give us for the same reason. Then, there’s the look we give when not only our children but other adults know we mean business, we are angry, or they are about to receive our wrath. In the Good Gus Series, Judge Ross has “the look.” When he looks at you, you know he is not kidding and in fact is deadly serious. He first appears in book eight, “The Uninvited Guest.” As Judge Ross is the best horse breeder in all of Texas, Fred Band, the twins’ dad, went to his ranch to choose horses for his boys for their birthday.  This story and many more will be available as soon as my recorder arrives.