magic hat and wandmagic springDo you believe in magic? There was a song from the 1960’s entitled “Do you believe in Magic?” by the Lovin Spoonful which was referring to the magic of a young girl’s heart. I find magic to be very fascinating with that slight of the hand, the misdirection; its almost unreal. There is a great deal of magic in our lives but many times we don’t see it.  Children believe in magic.  They believe in the magic of Santa Claus, the tooth Fairy, pixie dust, the Easter Bunny and so much more.  Its nice to let them believe in the magic of mythical creatures.  Its sad, though, when the magic turns into black magic, curses, or superstitious beliefs. Children love to try out magic tricks.  Sometimes if fate or coincidence interferes with their tricks they begin to believe they possess real magic and can hurt people.  There have been numerous television shows with that exact story line.  In the end, though, the child learns that it is all a hoax and they don’t really have the powers There are many great magicians in history.  Even  today in Las Vegas, the magic shows sell all their tickets because people simply enjoy magic.   There is no real magic in the Good Gus Series although Sheriff Gus seems to posses a special magic when it comes to animals.  In the “Uninvited Guest” Gus proves to have a great deal of magic in assisting the uninvited guest to leave the party.  I hope as you ponder different ideas and look for a series of children’s books, you will consider a book from the Good Gus series.