malware-computer-virus-warning-sign-34134910??????????????????????????????????????I imagine the moment you saw that word, pure hatred for malware coursed through your veins. I never had malware until I bought a new CPU and had to have the old one backed up. As I had moved to a new area, I didn’t know anyone who could help me so I went to a national chain. They did back up my data, but they gave me numerous viruses. I had never experienced anything like it. The malware blocked everything I was trying to do, so it took three times as long to complete one task. I bought a stronger virus protector and it still didn’t stop the malware. What is worse is that the malware has live, voice speaking ads telling you that your computer is infected and that you need to call them. Then for an enormous sum of money, they will fix it. Why would I use them since they probably gave me the virus in the first place? I finally found a reputable company who worked on it remotely. The malware was so bad that it took them two tries, and about six hours to rid my machine of the malware and any and all viruses. It works great now. When my son needed a new hard drive for his computer I decided to use a different national chain that advertises their technical expertise. First they never backed up his hard drive and second they gave him viruses and the same malware I had. Since he has a concierge service from Dell, they worked on it for two days, three hours each time, to rid his computer of the malware. They had even recommended this national chain for the hard drive back up. He now receives notices from the virus protector that they have stopped malware attacks. Its not just one or two a day, its literally double digits. What does this all have to do with the Good Gus Series? Absolutely nothing, but once in a while people need to hear that others have technology problems not caused by them. Since there was no real technology in the old west, you can transport your child or children back in time to a non-technological period and let them enjoy the simpler days.