masks computer hackermasks female With Halloween just around the corner, masks are in great demand. Their use is to disguise whomever you may be and in turn you can fulfill your fantasy and be a superhero, a famous person, royalty or a celebrity.Children love the masks for trick or treating and naturally, everyone pretends they have no idea who they are with their masks on. Then there is the other types of masks. Its the type the people wear sometimes every day. They may be ashamed or embarrassed as to whom they really are as a person, or they may wish to hide behind a fake mask so no one will know their real self. People wear invisible masks mostly at work every day. Its easier to pretend everything is going wonderfully rather than let the world know how you really feel. Hiding your true feelings sometimes leads to be a fake all the time. In the work place, your workmates really aren’t’ interested in your life but rather the quality of your work. I imagine if you are a person who greets people such as a receptionist in an office, or a hotel worker, wearing a mask is a better way to do your job. Did you ever think that people who wear masks may also be unable to face themselves or their lives? It could be why people drink, do drugs and anything that is self destructive. When people wear invisible masks or so they think its not apparent, others can see right through them.  Many people go to therapy to help find themselves. People who wear invisible masks can be deceiving.  They can act as if they are your friend or a willing co-worker with your best intentions and then they do the opposite. As you can see by the picture above, computer hackers wear an invisible mask.  Even in diplomatic relations, people wear invisible masks because if they said how they really felt the negotiations would fall apart.  In dating people wear invisible masks to impress the other person.  If it turns into genuine feelings, the masks fall off.  Sometimes for the best and other times for the worst.  Even in business when people are making a deal the masks are on.  Then, if everything falls apart, the masks not only disappear, but the boxing gloves come out.  In the Good Gus Series there are no masks.  All the characters are exactly who they appear to be.  The books are a great lesson for developing minds.