masksMasks aren’t just for Halloween or costume balls. We all wear masks at one time or another. There was a move entitled “The Mask” that starred Jim Carey. He was great in that role. When he discovered the mask, it gave him great powers. Many times we wear masks to hide our feelings. It just seems easier. If you are having a bad day, or a tragedy occurred, then the masks are worn. Many times children mask their feelings particularly if they are being picked on at school or didn’t do well on a test.  I saw a television show recently about a teenage boy who found a mask and could only talk to girls wearing a mask or on the phone. It was a weird mask and he stumbled onto wearing it when a girl was visiting his older sister.  He was walking down the stairs with the mask on.  He was wondering abut it when he saw the girl.  She immediately reacted to him and loved the mask.  He was debonair and charming.   It took a great deal of effort for the parents to find a way for him to not use the mask as a crutch and actually speak to girls. They actually tricked him into speaking to a girl and before he realized he wasn’t wearing the mask he was talking to her.  Many of the shows on the television, the writers use masks in an imaginary way. The story lines show people hiding their feelings and use an imaginary mask in doing it. No one in the Good Gus Series wear masks either real or imaginary.  All the characters are fairly straight forward.  So as you peruse all the books available online, and are hoping to find stories with adventures but with a hidden moral lesson, I hope you will choose a Good Gus book.