maybe-yes-no-dice-10069219Maybe can mean so many things. How do you feel when someone says to you when you ask them a question and their reply is “maybe.” I don’t like it. It almost seems as if they are considering your suggestion, but if something better comes along then the true answer is NO. When we were young, at least for me, whenever I asked to go somewhere, do something, or buy something, when I heard maybe, I knew it was no. What is also sad is that procrastinators love the word maybe. If you ask them, and this could be anyone, either your family, a work mate, or a close friend, if they say maybe you can count on whatever it was you needed was never going to be accomplished. I believe that maybe is a procrastinator’s favorite word. “Well maybe I’ll do either later or tomorrow.” That means never, so the best you can hope for is to do it yourself. I have heard people use the word maybe in business which is really unacceptable. In business you need to be definitive.  In the medical profession, the word maybe doesn’t really exist.  If you are diagnosed with a disease, you at least know where you stand.  The doctor in the Good Gus Series, Doc Moore, is straight forward.  He tells it like it is and makes sure each patient understands whatever he is telling them.  If you are looking for books that will inspire your children and stimulate their imaginations, please consider the Good Gus Series.  You may enjoy the books yourself as well.