e4fea441-984f-4bd6-9c57-3b61c40ea690-largeHave you ever been to military school or had a friend who was sent to military school? When I was young, if a child or young boy misbehaved, they were sent to military school. Sometimes, if a boy landed in juvenile detention, the judge gave the parent, parents, or guardian two options, children jail or military school. There were also the parents who sent their sons to military school as they were too busy with their careers, couldn’t handle the boy even though he wasn’t a bad boy, or because it was family tradition. I can’t imagine what it can be like for a boy in military school. The lack of family environment, love of parents or guardians, inability to just be a child, and loss of youth. Children in my opinion, should have the opportunity to be free, to play, ride their bikes, play unofficial sports such as pick up basketball games, stick ball, baseball, etc. The life in military school is so rigid and disciplined that how can a boy develop mentally without the strict life of military school? This is my speculation as I am a mother and believe children should have the opportunity to experiment with early ideas of their chosen path. For example, the field trips the schools offer to police stations, fire stations, trade schools to see what plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics, and even drafters do to give them an idea of what is available.I also believe that they need the love of family on a daily basis not just on visiting days.  I have nothing against military school as it does benefit boys who need a controlled environment and discipline. It may lead to a better life for boys of that bent as opposed to later on more trouble and a life of crime.  Teaching children discipline early on helps them to be able to adapt to life situations.  It also teaches them to accept their peers and learn how to get along with each other.  In the Good Gus Series there is discipline as the children, primarily boys, do things that they were told not to do.  In book four, “J.C. and Bronco, Ride that Bull,”  they are told not to go to the other end of Main Street where a rodeo is being set up.  Of course, they do not listen and Jimmy Ray ends up breaking his arm.  The series offers excellent examples of why children should listen to their parents and/or guardians.