casual-man-taking-photo-himself-26964273 A narcissist is a quality that the average person doesn’t have and probably doesn’t want. Dealing with a narcissist is very difficult. Everything is always about them. They may pretend to be interested in you but it’s only for whatever they can use you for or to make their life better. I have known a few narcissists and they are not pleasant. I have also found that if they don’t get their way they use threats, embarrassment of a person, and humiliation if possible to achieve their goal. They lack the true feelings for another person that a non narcissist has for their fellow man or woman. The encyclopedia defines it as a personality disorder. Do you believe that? Wouldn’t it be possible for a person to see how their self importance overrides everything else in their life? I worked with a man who was a narcissist. He came across that he knew everything even though he didn’t. Whenever he was in public or on a flight somewhere, he would always call into the office to make sure the people surrounding him understood how important he was and possibly to make sure everyone in the office clearly understood that he was on a trip. Of course we all knew because he wasn’t at work.  One of the things that really aggravated me was that another girl and myself closed the majority of sales as it was a consulting business.  We did the bulk of the work and then he would give us little or nothing in extra compensation.  His attitude of entitlement initially shocked me.  I feel bad for anyone married to a narcissist as they don’t really care about their partner or if there are children, them as well.  The whole attitude of me, me, me, makes it impossible to even carry on a conversation with a narcissist.  They have no interest in you as a person or what’s happening in your life.  I have been shocked by the narcissist when at a funeral or a wake.  They can take a sad event that is supposed to be about the featured person and turn it around to themselves all the while bragging about their accomplishments, money, trips, and career.   Sadly, there is nowhere to escape from that type of person in that event because they are usually in small confined areas. Their arrogant, superior attitude is beyond insulting.  Not to mention, they believe they are always right and everyone and everything in the planet is one hundred percent wrong.  You can’t even have an intelligent discussion with them because even if you had the proof that they were wrong they wouldn’t accept it.  In the Good Gus Series, there are no narcissists.  Everyone treats each other with respect.