housesign Neglect comes in many forms. People neglect their children, their homes, their jobs, their pets, their health, their appearance and their family. When children are neglected they suffer emotionally and educationally. There are so many documentaries about neglected children who turn to the streets or gangs. Then they end possibly in prostitution, drugs, or even slaves. They can be malnourished, living in a smoke filled environment or with an alcoholic or drug addict as a parent or guardian. Being a slave can consist of physically being abused, or forced to do any type of labor so that the their “owner” can make money. The number of children enslaved around the world is somewhere above fourteen million. That is a shocking number. Children who are illegals accept this life style until they can escape because wherever they came from somehow is better being a slave. In most countries, if parents or guardians neglect their child the social welfare agencies jump on the situations. People who neglect their jobs such as not showing up when scheduled, poor performance, and always late tend to lose their jobs because of their inconsiderate behavior and neglect of keeping their word to their employer. Many people neglect their health, then before they know it they have a bad disease. I know a man who kept putting off medical tests. Now he has cancer. Its in remission but the doctors claim it will return with a vengeance. He is literally kicking himself for not listening to his son and doing the tests. He has even read that the better you feel after they clear out the cancer, the worse it will be when it returns. People who neglect their appearance end up losing their jobs, or if they are looking for one, not getting hired. As people age, they tend to do whatever is easy and do neglect their appearance. I have a friend, whose mum passed earlier this year. She was in a facility where all the women dressed nicely every day. They were in their eighties and nineties. My friend always made sure her mum looked good. She had her hair done every week along with her nails. She brought all her clothes home and washed and ironed them herself. Animals are neglected and there are many articles and commercials about it.  However, I rearely see the same media attention devoted to children.  I think people who are glued to their phones make their children feel neglected.  It would be better to help them with their schoolwork, take them to a park, or play a board game with them.  In the Good Gus Series, the parents are focused on their children and try to do the best they can.  Neglect is not an option in the series.

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