newspaperchild reading newspaperThe news is depressing almost every day. There is no escape from it. If you don’t read the paper or watch the news on the television, you are greeted by it on the internet. Its very said that people are being killed, murdered, starving, tortured and abused. Then you have the want to be criminals that go on crime sprees. The teenagers from Kentucky committed a variety of crimes. I really wondered why a thirteen year old girl was with an eighteen year old boy. He is more of an adult and she is just learning about life as a teenager. I did see a cute You Tube video that featured  a little girl sassing her dad. She was adorable and definitely wanted her own way. When we were growing up and I am sure it is still part of school curriculum today, we had to read about the news and then present a brief synopsis of what we read and our opinion of it. You were judged mainly on your ability to understand what was happening and your presentation. With all the electronics available today, if children have to do the same type of presentation, what do they choose from? The possibilities are endless as the news is available from all countries on an immediate basis. Watching the news can be frustrating as your heart breaks to see children killed during war, or looking for their parents as they were separated during an attack. When I was in school, my civics teacher said none of us in our class would be reading the newspaper when we were older. Little did he comprehend the internet or the magnitude of its audience. In the Good Gus Series, Charlie, runs the newspaper shop. There isn’t much in the way of news but maybe is was nicer then. I hope as you consider choosing books as a gift for Valentines Day for the child or children in your life, you will decide that the Good Gus Series is your first choice.