beaver_damI wrote a story about one year ago entitled “No Biting.” I never thought that particular phrase would be in my every day vocabulary. I have an eight month old granddaughter and I must say at least eight or nine times a day, “No Biting.”  She is currently teething so she tends to bite my fingers, my shoulder, clothes, and anything else to relieve her discomfort. My story,however,  is not about a baby. Book eighteen, “No Biting” involves Sheriff Gus and Ray, the Blacksmith. They are heading out of Pecos to Ft. Stockton. Along the way they stop at the Pecos River to water their horses. Ray had volunteered to ride with Sheriff Gus as its a long ride by yourself but with a companion it seems to go faster. When they reach the river they saw an interesting site. The river had been dammed and Ray could not understand why. Then he spotted a brown animal. Of course, Sheriff Gus knew immediately what was happening primarily because he is an avid reader. He explained to Ray that a beaver family lived there and that if they didn’t relocate them, there would be flooding in Pecos. Naturally, the soldiers at Ft. Stockton assisted when they found out the situation. In the end, as in all Good Gus Series books, everything ends well with everyone helping solve the problem. Now that Black Friday is over and there are still gifts left on your list for children, I hope you will choose an exciting story from the Good Gus Series.