3-coach2-300x2401-150x15013-crowd-laugh2-300x2401-150x150-largeOne of the nice things about old friends is that they know you. Lately I have had two old friends come to visit and it was as if I received two Christmas gifts. The best part about old friends is that they know your good and bad traits and still like you. The visiting gives you the opportunity to catch up and have fun. In many of the movies, when an old friend appears, its usually a woman or a man who has had a relationship with either the husband or the wife. Then there are instantly issues such as jealousy, resentment because they laugh about old times, and general discontent. What is wonderful about old friends is that you can still say anything and confide in them even if you don’t see them for another year or two. Its as if once you are together, you pick up where you left off and before you know it you are laughing and joking and everything is better while they are visiting you. In the Good Gus Series, there are people who are old friends. Cory, Gus’s Cousin, even though he is a relative, is still an old friend. Charlie the stage coach delivery service is old friends with Sheriff Gus, Fred and Mary Band, Ray the Blacksmith and others in the town. What is wonderful about their friendships, is that they are loyal to each other and when any problem arises they are ready to assist. People today really need that in their lives. Just having an old friend, gives you the comfort and peace of mind knowing that they are there. When you are thinking about examples to show your children the value of old friends, I hope you will choose a book from the Good Gus Series.