job-career-work-opportunity-words-road-signs-colorful-arrows-pointing-to-new-opportunities-to-advance-your-31918731???????????????????????????????????????Opportunity presents itself in many ways. When most people think about opportunity, money is their first thought. However, there are a variety of opportunities that come our way every day and half the time we never even notice. If you are at work, the opportunity may present itself to bash another employee because they made a mistake so as  to make yourself look good. Frankly, that’s a bad idea as the boss will see right through that, feel you are a poor employee, and think that you should have helped that workmate get it right rather than take the effort to make that person look bad. There are single people everywhere looking for love and when the opportunity for love presents itself many times they completely miss it. They may be too busy, had a rough day at work, and only looked at the possible love interest in an unattractive light. There is a new television show on the Learning Chanel entitled “Love, Lust or Run.”  I have seen a few episodes and the women who request a make-over are primarily ladies looking to make a change in their lives so that they can seek a new opportunity.  The results are remarkable! The money opportunity comes in many forms. There is a marketing system called Multi-Level Marketing that refers to their companies as a Business Opportunity. Its mostly the opportunity to buy into a pyramid scheme, sell everyone you know what ever the product is, and then they move on to the next person. Your hopes and dreams of extra money usually disappears. I have seen statistics on the MLM’s and they are shocking. Most people make absolutely nothing. They simply recoup their initial investment if that. There is also the opportunity to pay it forward and do something nice for someone if someone did something nice for you. The pay it forward is very strong in the Good Gus Series. The opportunity to help the town, the residents and even strangers is exhibited in many of the stories. As you think about opportunity, think positively and choose a book from the Good Gus Series to show your children how you think.