great-horned-owl-staring-3.19159ee99722392be22d021cd3a31cde1656barn-owl-staring-2.19159ee99722392be22d021cd3a31cde1656Owls live in every continent. They are predators that enjoy rats, mice and reptiles. There is an Owl in Salem’s Bush Pasture Park, Oregon, United States that is attacking joggers. Apparently, this owl is building a nest and likes their hats. There was a warning on the internet today, for all joggers. The owl swoops in and takes the person’s hat and then leaves them with a nasty scratch on their heads. As they have talons, I am sure it is not pleasant. One of the books I wrote for the Good Gus Series includes an owl. It is entitled “Did Dinosaurs Really Roam Pecos?” The story starts off as a field trip for the school. Miss Patty and Sheriff Gus had chosen a dry creek for a field trip for the school children. They were hoping to find fossilized plants. The children were excited and sure they would find dinosaur relics. The group included all the school children, some who rode their own horses, and a few who didn’t ride their own horse, rode in a buckboard. Katie and her wheel chair were among the students. The children had a fine time searching for relics. Ray, the Blacksmith, Liam’s dad, made a special tool so Katie could participate in the digging. By the end of the day, Katie was tired and was falling asleep in her chair. One of the Kelly children, Rose, was staying with her. They had heard a sound and it took a few hours before the sun shifted and they saw there was an owl disguised in a scrub bush. When they told Miss Patty, she made the class be quiet so they wouldn’t excite or disturb the bird. Since they are nocturnal, she wanted the owl to get its rest. There is real action in this story because as Katie is drifting off to sleep, and Rose is loading the buckboard with their supplies, a rat snake slithers towards Katie. You can guess what happens at the very last second. This and many more of my stories will soon be available on line to download for the child or children in your life. When I did a radio show, and when I appear in person, all the children love my voice. I hope you will too.